How next-gen paywalls are redefining the open web.
Just like that, the news is in: GPT-4 has been officially unveiled earlier this week, leading some to believe that it outshines and leaves ChatGPT in…
Exploring the Role of Technology and AI in the Loneliness Epidemic.

February 2023

AI: The New Mirror of Self-Expression
HumanAIsing the industry
Exciting news!

January 2023

Or how our lock screen has become the most coveted digital estate for a whole new generation of apps.
or the rise of psycho-brands.

December 2022

2022 ends with the promise of a major societal change, of a new era for artificial intelligence. The success of generative AI, the rise of services such…

October 2022

Reflecting on the democratization of AI writing tools and how technology is shaping our words ... for better or worse? An article that was not (yet…
A deep dive into how France is unlocking GenZ and building the next-gen cultural startup nation, co-written with Thomas Owadenko and Dominique Delport.

September 2022

A deep dive into a booming economy where TikTok’s “uglycore”, awful-looking NFTs, ugly vegetables, chaotic cakes and more unesthethicaly pleasant things…